On Your Mark, Get Set …

Are your clients’ businesses ready to open when they say, “GO”?

By nearly all indications, businesses will be reopening sooner than later. When they do, the sound of doorbells and cash registers will once again be heard ringing throughout the cities and towns across North America. It’s going to be a BEAUTIFUL sound!

The title of this week’s SoundADvice, our weekly e-marketing letter sent to thousands of business owners on behalf of our clients’ media reps, is the same as above. The only real difference is that it is directed to business owners and managers.

We asked the business owners the same question…”Are you ready to reopen when the starter says GO?” The article offered 11 tips for them to consider when reopening; things like the health and safety of their customers and employees, retraining and motivation of employees, confirming vendor relations are still intact, store signage, making sure they will comply with city and state laws, analyzing their business model, and ultimately creating and promoting a reopening promotion.

Are your clients planning on reopening quietly, or are they planning on taking advantage of the situation and creating a promotion and celebration?

Over the past seven weeks of “stay at home”, “social distancing” and “quarantining”, there has been a lot of pent-up demand for many products and services. A large number of people will be ready to shop and spend money! It will quite literally be a race for the consumer’s wallet.

As a media rep, it’s your responsibility to visit with your clients and prospects about considering a reopening promotion. It’s also your job to help them come up with ideas and assist in executing the promotion. The bigger the better! Make the promotion and offers fun, exciting, and attractive as possible.

During this re-entry of commerce, business owners are not only in competition with “like” businesses, but also with every other business category that has been stagnant since late February. There is only so much money to go around so make sure your clients are prepared to capture their fair share.

Don’t wait for the official “GO”. Start talking to your clients and prospects today!

If you would like a FREE copy of the 11 Tips to Prepare for Business – Post Coronavirus, click here.  Feel free to share this with your clients. Three of these 11 tips are potential reasons to advertise with your stations.

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Stay Strong!