To Advertise or Not to Advertise – That is the Question

I’m hoping Mr. Shakespeare does not mind us stealing one of his famous lines and putting our twist on it, however, the question is real. This is exactly what many business owners are asking themselves…Should I advertise, or shouldn’t I?

As frightened as business owners were when the whole COVID-19 crisis started, in some ways, they are equally scared and confused now. In addition to the question, “Should I or shouldn’t I?”, they are most likely following it up with, “If I do, when do I start and what do I say?”

We all have opinions on when and how people will react and what it’s going to look like as we begin to reopen. The truth is, no one really knows, and we will not know until we get there.  Being prepared and ready to pull the trigger when the time is right is key. If they snooze – they will certainly lose!

As we speak, the debate is ongoing as to what to say. Some say, stick with your “pre- COVID-19” message, others claim a message with a Coronavirus theme of thanks and gratitude will get a better response. Either will work, but only if they air it!

Where you say it is not as important. However, we strongly suggest they stick to the same stations/mediums as they were using before. Regardless of the message, the audience will be familiar with them.

The key to selling advertising as we creep back to “normal” is this… have an IDEA! An idea for your clients and prospects will make it easier for them to say YES! You must have an idea, or help them create an idea so when it comes time to answer the proclamation of, “To Advertise or Not to Advertise”, they answer, “Let’s Advertise!”

Stay Safe – Stay Healthy – Stay Strong!