Subtle vs To the Point

I like quotes and use them often to make a point, whether to one person or a group.

Recently, as I was preparing for a presentation, I decided to use one of my favorite quotes by Brian Herbert…

“The Capacity to Learn is a Gift… The Ability to Learn is a Skill…
The Willingness to Learn is a Choice!”

To me, this quote simply states that we are all born with the ability to learn. Whether we choose to use that gift to learn and try new things is up to us. It’s subtle!

For this particular presentation, I wanted to be a little more direct and make the case that if you aren’t willing to learn and try new ideas, failure is inevitable. So, I chose this quote by Zig Ziglar to use along with the previous one:

“If you are NOT willing to learn, no one can help you!
If you ARE determined to learn, NO ONE can stop you!”

If you’re trying to make a point to someone or a group of people, try using quotes. Hang them around the office… or even hang one in your office to remind those that visit… or to remind yourself.

I hope that wasn’t too subtle!

We’ve created a clean, more presentable version of these two quotes together. If you would like a copy, click here and we will share them with you!

Last week’s ENS on Sales was titled, Warning Label and User Manuals. I may have been too subtle in what I was trying to get across, so let me be more direct.

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I hope I wasn’t too subtle this time!