The More They Know, The More They’ll Buy

The reason most business owners don’t like advertising is because they don’t understand advertising.

Do business owners understand the importance of having Top of Mind Awareness (TOMA) in their business category?

The more you educate your clients and prospects, not only are they more LIKELY to buy from you, but they will buy MORE from you!

If we are simply talking to clients about OUR stations, OUR ratings, and why advertising on the OUR stations is a good deal for them, they may buy, but chances are they will never buy as much from us as they can or should.

Educate them on the “How” and “Why” advertising works and watch your sales grow!

While the digital media world seems to receive all of the limelight today, our ENS Media Share of Mind Surveys and Seminars educate business owners on the important role that radio plays in creating Top of Mind Awareness, how important creating TOMA/brand awareness is in today’s competitive New Media world, and how radio works in conjunction with digital and social media in the buying process.

And…these Share of Mind Surveys and Seminars may be one of the best training and educational tools your sales team has ever seen!

To learn the top 12 ways your advertisers, and your sales team, can benefit from facilitating Share-of-Mind Surveys and Seminars in your market, click here.