The Powerful Point

7 Criteria to Effective Advertising

Hopefully, over these past 4 weeks, you now have a better understanding of how to use and explain the 7 criteria to clients and help them better understand how important each is to advertising.

In the first issue of this series, it mentioned we use this piece to make two specific points; One is to explain to clients how to get a better return on their advertising investment, and two is how to use it to build trust with your prospects and clients.

I also stated that I would share a powerful point that is intended to position the media rep and/or your stations in a very positive light. That is what we are covering today and how we will conclude this series.

At some point during the CNA or one of the first meetings with a client, the conversation will lead to a point where you can bring up the 7 criteria. When it does, we suggest you either pull out a prepared “7 Criteria to Effective Advertising” form on your station letterhead or simply write the 7 criteria on a sheet of paper or a restaurant napkin.

After writing this out and going over each of the criteria is when you make your powerful point, by saying…

“Mr./Mrs. Client, actually, the most important criteria is #6”. (Draw an arrow from #6 Media Rep up above the #1 position and write “#1 Media Rep!”)

Continue by saying…

“If you find a media rep or media group that understands criteria #1 through #6; how to create Strategy, how to create and write effective messages/ads, how to use your advertising budget to dominate, and the importance of Consistency and Frequency… If you have someone that ‘gets this’, then the medium or the station that you choose really doesn’t matter. If you follow these criteria, your advertising will be way more effective. Mr./Mrs. Client, I understand how to do this, and I can help you get a better return on your advertising dollars”.

You have just established yourself as something different than the average media rep who talks about their stations, their media, and their ratings, and you’ve also taken rates and ratings out of the equation.

I hope that you have found the 7 Criteria for Effective Advertising useful. If you have any comments or questions, simply send me an email or give me a call.

If you would like to receive the one-page form of the “7 Criteria for Effective Advertising”, click here and we will be happy to send it to you. You can use it on ENS Media’s letterhead or feel free to transfer it to your station’s letterhead to use in your sales calls and presentations.